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Wincor Nixdorf International GmbH implements target Idea Management

Customer Profile

Wincor Nixdorf International GmbH is one of the top three providers of equipment used in banking and commerce. 
Approximately 9,200 employees work at Wincor Nixdorf globally, with about 3,800 in Germany and 2,000 in company headquarters in Paderborn.

Starting Point

In 2011, the company made a decision to completely revamp their idea management with a brand-new approach that included organizational and structure changes. Idea management is now the direct responsibility of executive management at Wincor Nixdorf. The company supports idea management at its highest levels and sees it as integral part of the leadership role.

Process Flow

The target software mapped the two distinct process models for idea management at Wincor Nixdorf:

  • The  Employee Suggestion Program (ESP) workflow comprises the roles of submitter, idea manager, reviewer, employee’s manager (supervisor), and committee. In the workflow, individual departments create the reviews with the manager of the disciplinary area in question estimates the amount of work required. The organizational head confirms and countersigns the premium award. The employee receives the premium award in recognition of the value brought to the company from that idea.

  • The  Continuous Improvement (CIP) workflow is a simpler and faster way to manage ideas that arise in an employee’s own work environment, whereby the employee submits an idea to the CIP team responsible for their department

Key Figures in Idea Management

At present, the company reports a rate of 0.4 ideas per employee annually and a realization rate of approximately 75%. This results in a net return of approximately €3,000 per idea rewarded. That corresponds to a net use of €900 per employee per year.

The relationship of net use to premiums is 9:1.

Reasons for Implementing target Idea Management

The existing software solution was outdated and out of maintenance.
It was necessary to choose a software that was able to support the existing processes as well as have deep integration with the existing system running SAP ERP Human Capital Management software.
The integration of target software in the existing employee self-service portal and use of a familiar user interface were further aspects supporting the decision to go with target.

Go-Live of target Idea Management

In March 2014, the new idea management went online at Wincor Nixdorf.
All existing roles in the idea management process as well as the basic process flow were now mapped together in one online workflow. This included the two established process models at Wincor Nixdorf, the supervisor model, and centralized idea management in one tool functioning as one system.

The submitter, reviewer, person responsible for realization, team lead, employee’s manager (supervisor), and idea management committee with employee representation roles are now completely integrated into the process.

Major Changes

The transformation from a paper-based process to an electronic workflow, together with the simple user experience, were welcomed by the users. 

The basic process flow had not changed. User navigation and the look and feel of the application were known to employees from existing SAP self-services applications (for example, leave request). As a result, the introduction of a new system was straightforward and did not require much in the way of additional training. The reminder process was also welcomed positively.

In summary, these measures resulted in a noticeable reduction of processing times.

Implementation Project

In the pre-implementation phase, the team collaborated closely with consultants from target on solution design. Each individual process step was detailed in full. Any gaps that appeared during the implementation process were able to be quickly addressed and modified accordingly.

An intensive testing phrase with involvement from relevant areas of the company brought the required confidence to go live with a big bang approach for all locations in Germany. The successful close cooperation of Wincor Nixdorf and target during the test phase resulted in a seamless transition.

Additional Changes Planned

Concrete plans include the rollout to additional country locations, where corresponding idea groups will be set up with the help of target.

Marketing Measures

Large-scale training measures were not required, which was considered to be a very positive result in light of the potential costs avoided.

In addition to posters and flyers announcing the new idea management, information was provided to managers. 

Additional activities were carried out in areas of the company that had high number of potential reviewers. 

Overall, both employees and managers reported that the implementation was absolutely seamless and successful.

Valuation, Results, Summary

The implementation of a new solution that went deep into the process level and had to cover a number of areas and perspectives always takes consummate effort. Thanks to the excellent cooperation with target and the early involvement of all relevant areas (reporting, HR, IT) at Wincor Nixdorf, the project came to a successful conclusion.

"The implementation of the target solution resulted in a noticeable reduction of processing times. Mapping the entire workflow electronically and the easy-to-use interface were the keys to success.”

Quote: Wilfried Peters, Head of  Global Idea Management.


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