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Submitting Ideas by Mobile Device – Easy with SAP Fiori Apps for target Idea Management

K+S implements mobile idea entry – new apps provide a practical solution with
increased flexibility

K+S implemented mobile idea management in July 2016. Employees at all German locations are now able to create drafts and submit their ideas easily – all from their mobile devices. It’s the result of a three-month development and testing phase by the IT department. “It was essential that all of the apps were intuitively designed and as easy as possible to use,” says Patrick Markus, SAP NetWeaver development, IT, at company headquarters in Kassel.

To ensure that any flash of inspiration or spur-of-the moment idea can be captured in the moment, users can immediately save drafts of their ideas on their devices. Later, back at their desks, they can log into the K+S portal and work on the idea further. Descriptions and approaches to resolve issues can easily be added to the original ideas and then sent via workflow to their direct managers.

“With mobile idea entry, we hope to better capture ideas that occur spontaneously,” says Dr. Thomas Nöcker, chief human resources officer at K+S. “If you don’t have a way to write it down immediately, many ideas might quickly be forgotten. Mobile idea entry is sort of like a digital way to tie a knot in a handkerchief.”

In addition, people can upload pictures, short videos, and voice messages from their mobiles as attachments. Because a picture says more than a 1,000 words, ideas with visual details can be more easily validated.

In fact, the best ideas don’t often come during their official working times, according to a study by the creativity consultancy IQudo. Of the more than 500 people interviewed, 85% admitted that their best ideas – whether small or large – came when they weren’t at work. Regardless of where and how an idea is born – what’s critical is capturing the details at the moment when they happen.

Mobile idea recording at K+S is the latest innovative way to submit ideas at the company, along with the traditional “paper” version and the trusted digital version using the employee portal.

As for the technology behind the solution, mobile data recording is possible using the technology and design principles found in SAP Fiori apps. The solution – as in the case at K+S – runs directly on the SAP system (SAP NetWeaver). A cloud option is also possible.

target software solution is currently completing development of additional mobile apps with which employees can check the status of their ideas depending on their role. Delivery of these apps is planned for Q1/2017.


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