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When Experts Meet Experts: Our Partners

Active discussions and knowledge exchange with experts inspires our daily business and creates new input. That’s why we have established mutually beneficial alliances with well-known partners in a variety of areas and industries.

The CBL Consulting, Paris, is a consulting company for Human Capital Management and offers a wide variety of consulting services for the French-speaking market.

The EPI-USE Group is a world-class software and services business, with a focus on enterprise-grade technology and a strong global presence. EPI-USE has operations in North America, Africa, the United Kingdom and Europe, Latin America and the Asia Pacific region, and is led by a young, dynamic and highly motivated management team.

HRFORCE, in Wien, Austria, specializes in project solutions for Human Capital Management. Consulting team references include many of Austria's outstanding top enterprises.

Innovation Transfer in Ottawa, Canada and Wuerzburg and Augsburg, Germany is an idea management consulting and training firm, specializing in PiT-Stop - problem finding, structuring and solving in teams - a facilitated idea generation methodology.

IPO_PS is a full service provider  for customer retention and acquisition programs. IPO-PS's premium shop can be smoothly integrated with target Idea Management.

KWP Kümmel, Wiedmann + Partner is one of the leading provider of IT-Services in the area of human resources.

Magnisol is a world-class software and services business with a strong global presence, specialising in the implementation of SAP Human Capital Management-based solutions.

Mathesis GmbH in Mannheim, Germany, has extensive expertise garnered through years of experience in the areas of optimization processes and development of interfaces.


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