Is your idea management as good as your ideas?

Unique Benefits

target Idea Management encompasses all areas of idea management:
  • From the spontaneous submitting of ideas to decision making and implementation, premium awards, and reuse.
  • This ensures transparency, streamlines processing, and creates  incentives for everyone involved in a simple and appealing  environment.

Our solution provides these four unique benefits:

1. Simplicity
All users access the solution through the Web, and therefore use is intuitive and does not require additional training. Entries are made in simple online forms tailored to the user's specific role. All information is role-based, which not only creates the necessary transparency and streamlines processing, but also provides an appealing interface that acts as an incentive to participate.

2. Comprehensive Functionality
The software offers a significant variety of possible functions so that you can automate any type of process in the system. Preconfigured best-practice templates are provided. Customers profit in two ways: they can discover ideas from these proven examples to use in their own companies, while at the same time simplifying their own implementation projects.

3. Add-On to SAP Software
target Idea Management is the only SAP add-on for idea management. Our customers can use their entire existing SAP infrastructure, without interface issues or data redundancy. This reduces operational costs substantially. The idea management software was certified successfully by SAP and received the quality seal of "SAP Certified – Powered by SAP NetWeaver". Furthermore, SAP has also implemented the solution worldwide.

4. Good Partner
Many well-known companies have put their trust in us already. target Idea Management is handling ideas submitted by more than 700,000 employees across the globe. During and well after implementation projects are completed, many customers and external idea management experts continue to collaborate with us for optimization and enhancement of the software, which benefits all of our customers during software maintenance.


target Idea Management

Handling ideas submitted by more than 700,000 employees

Global presence